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For over six decades, the PPC has served petroleum packaging professionals exclusively as the premiere technical trade association. The PPC continues to provide technical leadership, education and networking to our members with semi-annual conferences in March and August.


PPC Mission & Vision Statements


Mission: To provide the Petroleum Packaging Industry with Leadership, Technical Education, and Networking Opportunities.
Vision: To be the most relevant global resource for Innovation, Production Efficiency, Safety, Health and Sustainability throughout the Petroleum Industry!


Benefits of Membership

The PPC not only offers the opportunity to network within the petroleum packaging and blending industry, but technical education, specialized PPC College courses and opportunities to meet with potential customers and vendors. We host a tradeshow every fourth meeting. This is another opportunity to inform members about the product and services you offer.

PPC's diverse membership is made up of professionals from the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

Building relationships through networking and meetings is of the utmost importance for the continued success of your business. Meet other packaging professionals when you attend the semi-annual meetings held throughout the U.S. in March and August.


President's Message

headshot of president of PPC Darren Booth

Well, I must say, the PPC Spring Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ was undoubtedly a huge hit! What a great venue to have this meeting, and the nice weather was the icing on the cake! On Monday, the Keynote Speaker, Kevin Brown, hit it out of the park. His message focused on the following question: “What does it mean to be a “hero” to others?”. He went on to address what heroes are and what they do. Heroes are ordinary people who choose “not” to be ordinary. Heroes help people do whatever with no strings attached. Heroes care about reputation in all that they do. So, what reputation lingers in the minds of others when you leave the room?

Basically, Kevin’s message was to help us take a hard look at ourselves each day and be the best we can possibly be in the “place” called “now”. If we can all just take care of the “now,” the less important things will fall into place, as they should. His message was powerful! I wish we could bottle it up and send it to all of those who were unable to attend the meeting. You would have been touched, and you would have gotten to hear his story about his son and apple pancakes.

As we moved on to the technical sessions, we were presented with top-notch content. Each message had some good takeaways. The first speaker was Rebecca Brewster, President & COO of American Transport Research Institute (ATRI). She opened the eyes of many as she explained in detail the top issues that are affecting the freight industry today. This gave everyone a much broader perspective of this matter and what we all could do to help improve the trucking industry. The second speaker was Brian Ayers, Market Development Specialist of FLEXcon. His message was direct and to the point as he touched on each level of digital printing giving its pros and cons to help others navigate the path to make a more educated decision when determining to go this route.

During Tuesday, our first technical speaker was Jeremy Henry, Director of Operations at BG Products. He presented an inspired message on “What is Changing in the PPC”? He gave the historical perspective of where the PPC has come from and lead us to where the PPC is today and what to expect as we become more relevant in the future. Jeremy introduced the TEC (Technical Education Committee). This Committee will be heavily involved in making sure we obtain relevant content and speakers for future meetings. For those who are interested in getting involved in the TEC, you can go to the PPC website and download a form to complete and send back to PPC Executive Director Brenda Baker. Jeremy’s enthusiasm for the PPC and future improvements impacted all who attended. One could feel the strength of unity sweeping the room.

Our second speaker was Jim Eggenschwiler, Director, Global Trade of Redstone Group. His message touched on three areas of upcoming importance for those who have product that is exported to Korea, Taiwan, and Brazil. He explained how these countries have implemented or in the process of implementing their version of REACH. Korea REACH or (K-REACH) is the hot area currently, as the pre- registration deadline is June 30, 2019. Our final speaker was PPC Counsel Jeff Leiter, Esq. of Bassman, Mitchell, Alfano & Leiter. As always, he provided us with an update of what is going on in OSHA, EPA, and in other regulatory bodies that is currently affecting or will be affecting PPC members.

The copies of the technical sessions will be on the PPC website this week. So please get online and review them to get your organizations up to speed. Previous presentations are also available on the site.

Another highlight of the meeting was presenting, along with Jayna Mull, the designation of Honorary Membership to long-time PPC member, Past President and LRP member, Curtis Young. Curtis is retiring after a long career in the petroleum packaging industry. We wish Curtis a wonderful retirement and hope to see him at a future meeting in his new PPC status of “Honorary”.

Thanks to all for another outstanding meeting in Scottsdale. Remember to make plans for the Fall Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 25 th -27 th . Let’s keep the momentum going forward.

Take care!
From Your PPC President
Darren Booth